One the Road: Jhe Ming Hsu’s Still Photography

Jhe Ming Hsu

Jhe Ming made a radical career change in 2012. He resigned his job as a software engineer at a top IT manufacturer in Taiwan and moved to New York City to study Fine Art Photography at ICP (International Center of Photography). The story sounded dramatic yet familiar among many unsatisfied mid-career professionals, until you find out that his wife did the same thing as well and his first son Noah was born before they graduated from school. And most impressive at all, was that he, involuntarily, delivered his own son at home in Brooklyn.

A software developer is ranked #13 by the US News in terms of its pay, stability and career outlook. A photographer, is and was never among such rankings. As an adult, Jhe Ming seemed to have made all the unsophisticated moves, but why not?


On the Road features selected works of a new photographers and compose an emotional itinerary which hopefully will refresh our senses.

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